Photo of Radcliffe Road

The Styx Living Laboratory Trust is passionate about protecting the Pūharakekenui and our Advocacy Portfolio ensures that we are submitting on any legislation or plans that may impact the Pūharakekenui. This Portfolio also spreads awareness about some of the issues impacting the awa by running community bus trips, giving presentations to decision makers and by working with landowners and developers.

Advocacy Portfolio Holders

Hugh Thorpe

Photo of Hugh ThorpeOriginally a civil engineer, but later a groundwater scientist. Hugh has always been interested in water and environmental issues. Hugh has been with SLLT for many years and has gained a lot of knowledge of all the urban rivers by acting as a guide for local groups who also wish to better appreciate what wonderful assets they are.





Nick Moody

Nick MoodyNick Moody is the National Whitebait Fishery Manager at the Department of ConservationNick grew up in Brooklands on the Styx River, joined the Styx Vision 2040 project in 1998, and loves working to restore the river which he grew up.He has a compliance background and previously worked at Environment Canterbury where he led catchment restoration projects by bringing together science and compliance. He was the ECan rep to the Trust for 6 years, as well as the ECan lead on the $4.2M Styx River Freshwater Improvement Fund project. He is a keen angler, and passionate advocate for fish and public access to freshwater.