Field centre Opening

The communications portfolio looks at ways of communicating what is happening with the
SLLT out to the public, educational institutions and the corporate sector across the wider
catchment area of the Styx River. It then gives advice to the SLLT to action any strategies for
these to possibly happen and suggests a delegation to appropriate people to carry out given

Ways of communicating include digital media ( web site, radio and television), hard copy
(mail outs, brochures, press releases aimed at magazines and newspapers), as well as in
person with power point presentations to lifestyle places such as retirement villages,
educational institutions and corporate places.

The importance of such a role is that it gets the message out in a professional manner as to
what is happening with the SLLT and publicises what it is actually doing. That in turn, creates
an awareness and appreciation of our endeavours being seen as perhaps decent and

Portfolio Holder

John Knox

John KnoxJohn says, "My involvement with the Styx River was as a response from returning to Christchurch after living for many years in national parks in Australia. Noticing how Christchurch was rapidly pushing out into the country with urban growth, I thought it would be a good thing to be involved with conserving the Styx River in its natural state. It's not over yet, there is still plenty to do and to know that future generations, wildlife and the river will benefit from what is being accomplished."