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Our Science Portfolio provides technical and scientific advice for our projects and citizen science programmes. This Portfolio makes sure we really are a 'living laboratory' and are providing the best opportunities for research and learning in the Pūharakekenui.

Science Portfolio Holder

Prof. Jon Harding

Jon HardingJon has been a freshwater scientist for over 30 years, having undertaken research in New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Tonga and Nigeria. He has published seven books and over 150 scientific papers and reports. In both Singapore and Nigeria he helped produced the first keys to identifying freshwater invertebrates in those countries. Jon has focussed most of his research on the impacts of human activities on streams and rivers. He knows enough about lakes and wetlands to be dangerous! He has worked extensively on urban, agricultural and mining impacted systems. Jon has two doctorates (a PhD and a DSc) and he is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Canterbury. You can follow Jon on Twitter (jonharding333).