Summer Scholar Interpretation and Communication


The Trust's main objective is to create a living laboratory that promotes learning and research. The Trust has funded more than 17 university student summer scholars, summer interns and/or Royal Society Teacher Fellows to conduct scientific or technical research in the Styx River catchment on a range of exciting topics such as the Effectiveness of a Predator Proof Fence for Conserving Lizards,  Assessment of Algal Diversity,  Effectiveness of Restoring Radcliffe Road Drain and much more. 

This project seeks to use the information from such reports and produce interpretation material that can communicate this scientific information in a fun and friendly way. You'll soon see a bunch of signs installed throughout the catchment. By sharing this research, we hope everyone can better understand the Styx environment and contribute to enhancing the ecological health of our awa.

Check out a sneak peak of these signs below: