The Styx River is a spring fed ecosystem situated on the northern edge of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

In 2000, following two years of planning and consultation, a long term plan for the Styx River catchment was developed and adopted by local authorities and members of the community.

This plan, known as The Styx Vision 2000 - 2040, seeks to protect and build on the values associated with the Styx River catchment.

This site has been designed to provide information about:

  1. The Styx Vision 2000-2040 and its five main objectives
  2. How each of the objectives is currently being implemented and achievements to date
  3. Places of particular interest and things to do in the Styx
  4. How you can become involved in the project
  5. Information of special interest to students, teachers and developers

Enjoy exploring the Styx.

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