About Us

About Us

We are a local river care group established in 2002 to develop a 'living laboratory' in Pūharakekenui (Styx) River catchment. We the trustees, volunteers and staff are advocates for maintaining water quality and other values (including drainage, ecology,  landscape, culture, heritage and recreation in the river. We are passionate about our river and want it to remain clean, healthy, biodiverse, so that it is available for future generations to use and enjoy.

Whāinga (Objective)

Our Whāinga is achieving Vision 3 in the Christchurch City Council document called “Vision 2000-2040 – The Styx” developing a “Living Laboratory” for learning and research by:

a. Raising awareness and understanding of the Pūharakekenui (Styx) River catchment and its environs including its ecology, drainage, landscape, culture, heritage and recreation values;

b. Promoting the use of the Pūharakekenui (Styx) River Catchment as a collective resource for environmental and social research, and to maximise opportunities for community involvement in research and learning;

c. Working collaboratively with other organisations or people to form partnerships to achieve the above objective and using memoranda of understanding where appropriate;

d. Assisting other people and other organisations to achieve the remaining Visions in “Vision 2000 – 2040 – “The Styx” namely:

Vision 1 – “achieving a viable spring fed ecosystem”
Vision 2 –creating a “Source to Sea Experience” 
Vision 4 – establishing The Styx as “a place to be”
Vision 5 – “Fostering Partnerships”

Where is the Pūharakekenui (Styx)?


Styx River Map
Map of the Pūharakekenui (Styx) River catchment

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