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Styx Living Laboratory Trust Community Research Results

Community collected data is periodically collated and scientifically analysed into a summary of the monitoring program, the results generated by the data collected, and recommendations for future work.

Styx Living Laboratory Trust Summer Student Scholarship

As part of its ongoing research programme, the Styx Living Laboratory (STYXLL)  Trust endeavours to offer an annual scholarship to enable tertiary students to undertake a research project within the Styx catchment over the summer holiday period.

Previously offered in collaboration  with Lincoln University, the Shirley Papanui Community Board and  Christchurch City Council, is now funded entirely by the STYXLL Trust and supported by Partnership organisation/s. Past recipients and their area of interest are listed below.

Royal Society Teacher Fellowships

This Scheme is funded by the Government and administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

It offers primary, intermediate and secondary teachers the opportunity to improve their teaching through experience in technological, scientific or social sciences practice.

During their fellowship, teachers fully immerse themselves into the discovery of knowledge or the transformation of it into useful products or systems and, as a consequence, become more skilled in the communication of science and technology.

The SLLT has supported or hosted a number of fellowships in the past.

More information about the programme can be found at the Royal Society of New Zealand website.

Christchurch City Council

The Christchurch City Council has played an invaluable role in The Styx Living Laboratory Trust's history.

There are numerous research papers & documents on The Styx that were commissioned or written by the Christchurch City Council, if you know of one that isn't yet listed on this page, please email your finding to us.

For research documents on other areas of the city, please visit the Christchurch City Council Website.

Other Styx Catchment related documents & Reports

Extensive information about the Styx is contained in a wide range of documents. Some of these documents pre-date computer publishing technology. Original versions of most reports, are available at Christchurch City Libraries.

Knowledge about the Styx River ecosystem and the impacts on it is essential to protecting the river's values. This knowledge will come about through research, investigations and monitoring, and then applying this knowledge to decisions associated with its management.

Research is currently undertaken by Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury in terms of their statutory roles to safeguard the natural environment while at the same time allowing for development. 

The Styx Living Laboratory Trust has also been established to oversee the establishment of the Styx catchment as “a place that focuses on both learning and research”.

The Trust has initiated the Styx Living Laboratory Trust Summer Student scholarships and supported the Royal Society Teacher fellowship programme.

Details of past recipients are listed below. If any teacher or student is interested in becoming involved in these programmes, contact the secretary of the Styx Living Laboratory Trust.

Oligosoma nigriplantare polychroma - Common Skink - Mokomoko


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