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The Styx Project continues to involve several thousands of people, each participating for differing reasons and at varying levels.

Members of the community have been involved since its inception and continue to support the project, often on a voluntary basis. Various organisations have also become involved, either due to statutory obligations or having an interest in specific aspects of the project.

One of the inter-related visions recognises the importance of learning and working together. This will be achieved by raising the quality of relationships as we move forward together.

As the Styx Project grows, partnerships are continually being developed as different aspects of the project evolve. Further, there are an increasing number of individual and business supporters of the visions of the Styx project.

In addition to the logos, other supporting organisations include:

  • Community Boards - Papanui Innes 
  • Tangata Whenua
  • Tertiary education institutes
  • Schools Research institutes
  • Royal Associates Architects Ltd