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When: 11am - 3pm, Sunday, 17th February 2019

Where: Radcliffe Road, Belfast, Christchurch

Come and explore one of Christchurch’s Regional Parks with the Styx Living Laboratory Trust. Bring your friends and family for a walk through eight hectares of planted native forest, natural waterways and lakes with local experts to learn about the natural environment of the Styx River and Kā Pūtahi Creek.

Around 30 different environmental and cultural groups will be there on the day. You can try your hand at a range of fun activities related to environmental monitoring, research and citizen science involving local wildlife, plants, water quality, Maori cultural values and local history.

Find out how to become involved in environmental monitoring programmes in the Styx area, or just enjoy a day in the sun.

Food and refreshments available.





07 February 2019

Wondering why the Styx River looks different to usual?

ECan says "People have been reporting since July 2018 that the Styx River looks dirty and is lower than usual.

Environment Canterbury scientists went out to the river in October to investigate the state of the river further. The scientists travelled down parts of the river in boats and snorkelling. They observed that the water weed had not re-grown from the winter die-back at the usual rate, and that the flow of the river was stirring up fine sediment from the bed of the waterway. Observations of the river are continuing and we are monitoring the state of the water weed.

We have not yet been able to determine why the spring growth rate of water weeds is lower than normal. We are still investigating to determine the cause.

If you have any further observations of other causes of these phenomena, we would be interested to hear them."