Freshwater Invertebrate Monitoring Programme

Invertebrate Collection Net

There are a number of reasons for collecting information about the Styx River and its tributaries. These include:

  • To monitor habitat, aquatic plants and invertebrate communities over time.
  • To determine if there are any changes in habitat and in invertebrate communities over time.
  • To compare invertebrate communities in the Styx with invertebrate communities in other catchments within the Canterbury region.
  • To improve understanding of the current state of the in-stream habitat and invertebrate communities.

This is why the Invertebrate Monitoring Programme was very active up until the Christchurch Earthquakes (See Invertebrates for a list of the research done in this area pre-quakes). Since then, the programme has ceased to operate, though the Trust and some volunteers are keen for it to be restarted.

If you, or someone you know, has the enthusiasm and knowledge to help restart this programme, please Contact the Trust!