Kayaking on the Styx

Kayaking on the Styx

Simple Launch: Janet Stewart Reserve

At Janet Stewart Reserve, there is a still lagoon with a sloping pier to launch your kayak. Paddle across the lagoon to the exit onto the river. Here, the flow normally is gentle enough that you can paddle or float down the river, and then paddle back again without a worry. Kids love watching the fish & weed in the water, and the pukekos & farm animals along the shoreline.

Multisporters & paddle boarders commonly put in at Janet Stewart Reserve, or at Brookland's Lagoon and paddle between the two locations. It helps if the tide is heading out so the flood gates are open near Kainga Rd.

If the tide is coming in, then you'll have to portage around the flood gates over the stop bank to continue along the river.

The river distance between Janet Stewart Reserve & Harbour Rd entrance to Brookland's Lagoon is 12.5km, taking the bends of the river into consideration.

The below maps show the location of the floodgates, and then the Harbour Rd Lagoon put in (best at higher tide levels to prevent long mud walks!

Kayaking on the Styx is an enjoyable activity for all ages. The current is gentle, and there are some very easy places to launch and land.

Common types of paddling on the Styx River are multisport flatwater training, paddle boarding, and family sit on top kayaking. There is even an annual event racing home made rafts on the Styx.