Lower Styx River Restoration

Earlham Street Planting

This project is our first project in the Lower Styx. The project focuses on removing exotic weeds, controlling willow and underplanting with native eco-sourced plants along the riparian margins in Earlham Street. The Lower Styx River Restoration Project is funded by the Environment Canterbury Immediate Steps Fund.

As a result of this project by 2025,  we want to see:

  • Native vegetation dominance across planted areas 
  •  Increased bird, fish, invertebrate and lizard species counts/abundance 
  •  Increased condition, extent, density and diversity of native vegetation within the site
  •  Reduced and/or eliminated presence of targeted weed species 
  •  Improved condition, extent and density of mahinga kai species at the project site

For more info please contact - beth@thestyx.nz