Innovations and Ideas

Innovations and New Ideas

The Innovations and Ideas Portfolio is centred on creating and imagining future ideas and innovations for the SLLT that not only are proactive, but are capable of getting the SLLT recognised as a cutting edge organisation that not only just fulfils its role of environmental stewardship of the Styx river and its catchment. Also it sets out a program for the SLLT to display an ability to stage unique events, assist to sustain its existence through capital generating initiatives and bring enjoyment into the whole ethos of what it is doing with the Styx River environs. Also it is essential during this process to avoid the SLLT concept becoming too deep, meaningful and serious, which in short, can be turn-offs for people wanting involvement in this already busy world we all share. Through some of these things eventuating, hopefully more people will be attracted to the positive enjoyable atmosphere created with a group that does nice things. That is why this role is important in order to come up with ideas and initiatives which will help to try and achieve some of these goals mentioned.

Portfolio Holders

John Knox

John KnoxJohn says, "My involvement with the Styx River was as a response from returning to Christchurch after living for many years in national parks in Australia. Noticing how Christchurch was rapidly pushing out into the country with urban growth, I thought it would be a good thing to be involved with conserving the Styx River in its natural state. It's not over yet, there is still plenty to do and to know that future generations, wildlife and the river will benefit from what is being accomplished."


Dr. Antony Shadbolt

Dr. Antony ShadboltAntony has more than 30 years’ experience in environmental horticulture, landscape architecture, planning, and ecology & wildlife research. He is a key driver in the re-establishment of Ōtautahi's native forest habitats and is a Trustee of Trees for Canterbury.