Art demonstration at our Field Centre Opening

"The natural beauty of this place is not showy nor manicured, it’s wild and also very peaceful. It is inspiring to witness nature recovering a delicate and precious state of balance, that supports both water health and bird life.

I want to create art that reminds people to bring a sense of reverence, gratitude and curiosity when they visit this place."

- Lucy Dolan Kang (SLLT Creative Communicator)

Our Arts Portfolio focuses on creating opportunities for art in the reserves throughout the Pūharakekenui. Using art we can communicate about the flora and fauna in the Pūharakekenui and how we can all protect our awa.

Arts Portfolio Holder

Hannah Watkinson

Hannah WatkinsonHannah comes from a varied background with a Masters in Fine Arts, and in her mahi outside of the Styx  she is a lecturer, contract project manager, does business development for both a brewery and a distillery, and sits on a number of governance boards. Hannah leads our Arts Portfolio ensuring that art is integrated into the SLLT's work. Hannah also develops the Creative Communicator Programme as part of the Pūharakekenui Freshwater Improvement Fund Project: securing, coordinating, connecting and facilitating artists. 





Art at the Field Centre Opening